Since, I've opened my web site

I've received the enormous number of letters from my fans all around the world and I love and appreciate every single one. Therefore, I have open this page of my site for all my fans that gave me the enormous support and motivation by writing those beautiful letters about what I'm doing. I've saved all of them, but I would also like to share some of them with everybody, in order to say thanks to all of those fans who spared a little of their time to write down a few beautiful and daring words for me.

The first letters that I'm posting right now are the one that I've received at the time of opening my site; Therefore, I will on regular bases update it with the new ones in my member section.
09 Jan 2002
Dear Danijela

This is a big admirer of muscular girls from small country in Europe-Bulgaria.
You are so sexy-muscular,feminine and beautiful!
You have everything!
I am a bicepsfan,and i will be grateful,if you tell me the measurements of your
lovely biceps-flexed andunflexed.

I wish the best for 2002.




12 Jan 2002

dear danijela-i just dicovered you on a link on jaime koeppe's are exotic and beautiful!i wentonto your site,as are very knowledgeable about fitness..there is an unbelieveable shot of youat a canadian contest from a few months is a profile are wearing red andbrown...danijela,you have the best shape i have ever seen!i also love your eyes,and nose...can i print thisshot out,send it to a po box,w/payment,and a sase,for you to sign?it would mean the world to me....keep upthe great work!please reply-best wishes-jack in philly.


1 Feb 2002

Hi, saw your pictures/bio on GetBuff website. You are one of the most beautiful amateur female bodybuilders around. Not only do you have a extraordinary body, but you are very attractive - great hair, eyes and smile. I've been a fan of female bodybuilding for years, but lately the professional ranks lacks women that would be attractive to men not into the sport.
You will be a great addtion to the PROS!
Do you have any other picture available? Love to see a pic of you in heels.
Are you training for any upcoming contests? Best of luck


2 Feb 2002
Hi Danijela:

Hope you are doing well:

I am not one of the most eloquent writers, so, please excuse if I am not so smooth in style.I happened to see your website wile on the Internet. You are one of the most
beautiful ladies I have ever seen.
Does not matter if you are wearing black hair, or brown, you have most
beautiful face, especially your eyes. This creates an incredible package,
perfectly shaped legs, abs, and figure, with just the right level of
muscularity. However, your striking beauty, blond or brunette, is what
places you above all other girls I have seen.
Like I said, not such a smooth writing style, and I am sure you receive many
many letters complementing you that are written much better than mine.
Just to say again, you are an incredibly beautiful lady,
Take care and very best regards,



5 Feb 2002
Hi Danijela:

Thank you for your e-mail, however I know my few words are not enough to
fully describe your incredible beauty.

You also take care, and everything the best for you as well. (My wishes are
for to be always first in every endeavor...contests, etc. Everything about
you is too perfect for that not to be true.)

Bye.....most beautiful lady.



6 Feb 2002

hello there pretty lady!!! let me tell you this i am currently stationed in
seattle!!! i am here to tell you that i am coming to canada next week to
hopefully meet you in person!!! my god you look amazing! keep up the good
work!!!! very sexy!! you are definitely what a woman is suppose to look like
strong and shapely yet sexy as hell!!!! and oh so beautiful!!!!!!!