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Updated August 30, 2008

The third part of several series on weight training exercise.
Shoulder exercises – My all time favorite

Updated August 18, 2008

New Recipes Page - My great friend chef Klime Kovaceski shares his healthy,
tasty and nutritionally balanced recipes with us.


Updated August 03, 2008

The second part of several series on weight training exercise.
Chest exercises – my all time favorite

Updated July 30, 2008

Short video presentation about me on YouTube and my home page

Updated July 27, 2008

- Bodysport News – did a little story for me “Crevar Publishes Book”

My first Book Promotion/Seminar Event

How to walk on the stage straight with confidence and positive energy?  

 I have the answers for you...

Updated July 19, 2008

From my cuisine to yours – Three sweet desserts recopies…


Updated July 05, 2008

My choice of weight training exercise –in words and pictures.This is the first of several series on weight training exercise. So, come back for more…I will be adding new photos and description of my all time favorite exercise…

Updated July 02, 2008

My new Motivational Health, Mind and Body Book “Where Your Mind Goes, the Body Will Follow” (Personally Signed) available on my E-Shop Page for purchase.

Story About Me – just a little glimpse of my life in and out of fitness world. You want to learn more what’s inside my book, please visit the e-shop page and order.