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Penne Shrimp

Recipe from my great friend chief Klime Kovaceski.


1 Portion

4oz penne pasta
3oz Shrimp
2oz Asparagus
2oz Mushrooms
4oz Parmesan Cream
2oz White Wine
1oz Chicken Stock
1oz Clam Juice
1 tbl. Basil, chiffonade
1oz Diced Tomato
T/T garlic, minced
T/T shallot, minced


Saute asparagus/mushrooms/shallot/garlic until al dente.
Deglaze with white wine and add Parm Cream and Chicken stock.
Add shrimp and reduce sauce while shrimp cook.
Add Penne, clam juice, tomato and basil.
Serve when sauce is nappe consistency.
Season with s/p and top with Parm Cheese