Some Questions To Think About

What are your excuses for not being healthy?

  1. I’m not sure where to start.
  2. I’m busy mom, and that’s full time job.
  3. I can’t have it all.
  4. I’m so tired all the time.
  5. I just don’t have the energy.
  6. I just don’t seem to have the time to work out.
  7. I try to diet, but nothing seems to work.
  8. I don’t know what to eat.


  • When was the last time you felt healthy?
  • Is there one area of your body that never feels healthy?
  • How often do you feel tired during the day?
  • How much do you sleep each night?
  • How do you identify stress in your body?
  • What do you do to get rid of stress?
  • Do you exercise regularly?
  • What is your definition of balance?
  • Where do you get your nutritional information?
  • Do you ask your doctor questions about your general health?
  • What excuse do you give yourself for not living a healthy lifestyle?


  1. What is the difference between starches, protein, and fat?
  2. If you do not eat meat, do you know where you can get protein?
  3. Do you read the labels on the things you consume?
  4. What foods do you eat for flavor?
  5. What foods do you eat for convenience?
  6. What foods do you eat for weight loss?
  7. What foods do you eat for health?
  8. What foods do you eat for fun?
  9. How do you feel physically after eating salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol?
  10. How do these products make you feel mentally?
  11. Do you skip breakfast? Why?
  12. What percentage of your meals do you prepare at home?
  13. What food items are always on your shopping list?
  14. How often do you dine out?
  15. In restaurants, what do you order most often?


  1. How often do you think about your weight?
  2. How many times have you tried to lose weight by dieting?
  3. Were you successful? Why or Why not?
  4. What were the circumstances that led you to take up a diet?
  5. How often do you think about food during the day?
  6. Do you eat certain foods in “secret”? What are they and why?
  7. Do you use food to make yourself feel better? When?
  8. Are you ready and willing to control your eating?

Body Image

  • How often do you think about your body?
  • How does your body image affect your self-esteem?
  • Whom do you compare yourself to physically?
  • Do you long to have the same body you did at another time in your life? In what way?
  • What do you feel when you look in the mirror?
  • What do you want to change about your appearance? Why? How would you like to do it?
  • How much time do you spend each day on your appearance?
  • What changes should you make to achieve your fitness goals (eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, drinking, etc)
  • What do you do every day that makes you feel good about yourself?
  • Are you ready for your lifestyle change?