These desserts are decadent and taste wonderful, but are also light and healthy. Enjoy


“Rice pudding with fresh strawberries”

1 cup rice
500 ml water
500 ml milk
100 gr fresh strawberries
2 tablespoons honey

Rinse rice
Pour up rice with water
Cook rice, until water evaporates
Then pour up rice with milk
Add honey and cook another 10-15 min.
Garnish with fresh strawberries
Serve cold



“Grits dessert”

5 eggs
2 spoons brown sugar
4 spoons grits
2 apple cinnamon cereals
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 l milk

Mix eggs with sugar
Add grits, cereal and baking powder
Stir all together
Pour into baking pan
Bake on 375 F for 15 min
Baked cakes take out from the oven
Pour hot milk over the cake
Serve cold

“Egg whites dessert”

5 eggs
1 l milk
100 gr brown sugar
3 spoons flour

Mix 5 egg whites until you get meringue
Cook milk with sugar
Take meringue with big spoon and put in hot milk
Cook meringue in milk for 5-10 min.
Cooked meringue take out from milk and put in serving bowl
Mix 5 egg yolks with 5 spoon of sugar, 3 spoons of flour and 5 spoons of milk
Pour egg yolks into hot milk (the same milk you cooked meringue)
Stir cream and cook for 5 min.
Cooked cream pour over the meringue
Serve cold