Body Combat Instructor – Vicky

It is my great pleasure to present beautiful Body Combat Instructor Vicky. Vicky is beautiful inside and out…I really enjoy her class, energy and personality. This page is my “Thank You” to Vicky for being wonderful instructor and friend.

Vicky’s Bio
I grew up all over the west coast.  I joined the Air Force right out of high school and was shipped off to basic training 10 Aug 1992. The 17 ½ years that I have been in the military I have lived in Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, England, Florida and Nevada.   I have also traveled to Germany, Africa, Hawaii, and Canada.  I have a beautiful 8 yr old daughter that has type 1 diabetes……she is the toughest little girl I know.  When I was younger I had trouble with my weight and was a chubby little girl until high school.  After I had my daughter I gained weight and ended up weighing 173lbs.  I finally was able to lose the weight threw diet and exercise.  By pure chance I stumbled into a Body Combat class at Gold’s Gym.  I fell in love with the class and became an instructor.  In the near future I plan on getting certified in other fitness classes as well as becoming a certified personal trainer.